Sunday, March 4, 2012

Grief is...


Grief is something that never leaves you.
It’s that reoccurring thought that you have at night.
It’s the nightmare that you relive, over and over again.
It’s that feeling in your heart that words can’t describe.
Grief is deceitful and intimidating.
It’s more powerful than anything you can imagine.
It surrounds you like raindrops in a storm.
It is always with you, like a breeze on a windy day.
Grief encompasses your mind.
It changes your thoughts.
It transforms who you are.
It eliminates beauty in places you never realize.
Grief is the strongest weapon.
It attacks your mind.
It destroys your heart.
It diminishes your hope.
Grief is standing on that hill and looking over the destruction.
It’s realizing that nothing will ever be the same.
It’s sitting alone crying at night, yearning for things to be normal.
It’s trying to hide the pain, when in reality it’s more obvious than blood on a white shirt.
Grief is lying in bed, staring at the ceiling wondering why.
It’s smothering your face with the pillow, trying to muffle your sobs.
It’s sitting with you head between your knees, shaking, trying to breathe.
It’s kneeling on the ground, crying out to God and trying not to be angry with him.
Grief is sitting by the tombstone.
It’s feeling the dew of the grass on your knees.
It’s staring at the grave, realizing that they are really gone.
It’s feeling the coldness of the tombstone and feeling that same coldness in your heart.
Grief is deciding whether it’s better to remember, or erase the memories.
It’s flipping through old pictures.
It’s gripping your heart, as your life flashes before you in your mind.
It’s remembering all of the jokes with your best friend.
Grief doesn’t even have to be a physical death.
It’s someone losing a job.
It’s someone losing a friend.
It’s having a major part of you taken away… forever.
Grief can be subdued, but it will never be eliminated.
It’s waking up in the morning and trying to muster up the willpower to move.
It’s being motivated for your family.
It’s making the decision whether it’s easier to live or not.
Grief only wins if you give up.
It’s struggling everyday to continue on.
It’s being looked at differently by people.
It’s learning to deal with the new life that has been handed to you.

Grief changes…everything.

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